About Us

Our vision at Secure Moves is to help you improve your manual handling culture.

Judy Lasnitzki

Judy Lasnitzki – Director of Secure Moves

To achieve this, we…

Deliver the best:

We provide our clients with excellent, unbiased training based on industry best practice

Empower people:

We equip your team with the skills, knowledge and motivation needed to take responsibility for their own health and safety

Never stand still:

We are committed to continually improving our services to provide our clients with dynamic, up-to-date programs.

Secure Moves is a Melbourne-based business, specialising in Manual Handling Training and Risk Management for Health and Aged Care.
Founder, Judy Lasnitzki is a qualified Physiotherapist, certified trainer  and accredited manutention trainer,with extensive industry experience in Aged Care. In addition to her strong clinical background in Residential, Community and Rehabilitation settings, Judy also teaches safe manual handling techniques in the TAFE sector.  Her passion for educating and empowering your staff will help to improve your manual handling culture!

You can contact Judy at Secure Moves on:
t: 0409 155 536
e: judy@securemoves.com.au