New public Carer workshop – helping you to look after yourself!

Designed to meet the needs of family carers, this practical workshop will teach you how to look after yourself, whilst attending to the needs of the person you are caring for.  Learn safe ways to help someone:

–       stand up and sit down

–       turn over in bed

–       get in and out of bed

–       move up the bed if they have slipped down

–       walk with/without a gait aid

–       move about in a wheelchair

–       get in and out of the car, including equipment that may assist

–       assist someone off the floor if they have fallen

This course is suitable for care recipients requiring a low level of assistance.

Length of program: 4 hours

Cost: $160 per person (incl GST)

To enquire about course dates, contact Secure Moves:

t: 0409 155 536

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