What can Secure Moves offer your organisation?

  • Certified trainers, specialising in Aged Care:
    We provide training that is delivered by a qualified Physiotherapist with a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and extensive Aged Care experience.
  • Training specially tailored to your organisation:
    We can incorporate your organisation’s processes into the training for maximum effectiveness.
  • Improved manual handling culture:
    We provide the tools to help empower your staff to take responsibility for their own health and safety.
  • Independent competency assessments:
    We can conduct unbiased, theory and practical assessments that give you confidence that your staff have the skills and knowledge needed to perform their job safely.
  • Excellent training resources:
    We continually update training resources based on industry best practice.
  • Training that targets both new and experienced staff:
    We design our courses to engage staff no matter what their background and experience levels.
  • Risk Management services:
    We can assist you with assessing risks in your facility and providing solutions to manage the risk.
  • Risk Reduction Exercise programs:
    We provide a pro-active approach to reduce the risk of injury to your staff.

Services tailored to suit your needs

Our comprehensive programs are specifically designed with the principles of adult learning in mind. Sessions are practical and relevant, making learning meaningful and aiding in the retention of skills.

Our recommended training packages are designed to allow sufficient time for participants to practice and gain confidence in the skills they will need in their job tasks.

At Secure Moves, we offer a range of training options and can tailor sessions to meet both the learning needs of your staff (clinical and non-clinical), as well as your organisation’s budget and time frames.

Training Workshops

Manual Handling Theory Workshop (Clinical or Non-clinical staff)

Patient Handling Workshop (Clinical staff)

Mechanical Aids Workshop (Clinical staff)

Comprehensive Manual Handling Workshop (Clinical staff)

Task specific Manual Handling Workshop (Non-clinical staff)

Family Carer workshop


What is included?

  • Delivery of training
  • Comprehensive training manual
  • Certificate of participation
  • Theory and Practical competency assessments of staff (on request)
  • Assessment reports for management following completion of training (on request)

Risk Management Consultancy Services

In addition to training, Secure Moves can offer your organisation Risk Assessment and Risk Minimisation services.

We can provide:

  • Assistance with assessing risks in your facility and providing solutions to manage these risks
  • A pro-active approach to injury prevention for staff by implementing Risk Reduction Exercise programs

For frequently asked questions, see our FAQ.

For more information about our training packages, to discuss your risk management requirements, or to schedule a training session, you can contact Secure Moves on:

t: 0409 155 536